A little bit of maths each day

A number of years ago I started creating my monthly calendars as a response to a desperate need for our then current Year 11s to have some real focus and direction for their mathematics revision leading up to their GCSE exams. I built on an idea I’d seen initially on the excellent Just Maths site of a revision calendar.  The concept is simple – the best way of learning mathematics is doing mathematics and the best way of revising a subject like mathematics, long term, is a little bit of regular practice. These calendars are designed to fulfil these objectives – daily practice on a wide range of topics.

With this in mind I produced monthly revision calendars for both higher and foundation tier GCSE starting in September and running, each month, till April.  Following feedback from colleagues and a successful trial, I added an extra calendar.  It was felt that the foundation calendars were good for preparing those students who probably would do foundation but were on that higher/foundation border and were looking at gaining a 5 or possibly a strong 4.  However, they were generally felt to be too challenging for foundation candidates where a 5 (or even 4) maybe out of reach, hence the introduction of the foundation tier calendars which are aimed at students aspiring to a level 4.

HIGHER TIER – this will be useful for those students who definitely will be sitting the higher paper and who are working at grade 6 and above.

FOUNDATION PLUS TIER– useful for students on the higher / foundation boundary. There will be a proportion of questions each month which appear on both this and the higher calendar.

FOUNDATION TIER – useful for students aspiring to a level 4 which allows practice of basic mathematical skills.

As always, feedback would be very much welcomed.  I will post the calendars each month on this page and highlight them on my twitter feed (@mrchadburn).  As always the calendars are free for anyone to use – all I ask in return is that you publicise their presence.

Below are the calendars for the 2022-23 academic year (so far up to December)